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Fund Name Description
Donor Circle Grant Making Funds
Real Men Give Grant Making Fund
Cape Coral Art League Fund
Cape Coral Caring Center Fund
Cape Coral Youth Services Fund
Corporate Partner Endowment
Water's Edge Future Fund
Water's Edge Growth Endowment Fund
Group Name
General Fund
Pass-Thru Fund
Global Kindness Fund
Hurricane Irma Generosity Fund Cape Coral and Lee County have been impacted greatly by Hurricane Irma. Donations to this fund will be directed to the communities around Cape Coral.
Restricted - Donor Advised
Kirby Giving Foundation Fund
Restricted - Field of Interest
Cape Coral Animal Shelter Fund
Adam Strongin Memorial Fund
Bird Scholarship Memorial Fund
Kai Fuhrmann College Scholarship Fund
Rotary Club of Cape Coral Goldcoast Scholarship Fund
Other Funds
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